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Toukley Family Practice

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Mark Murdoch
I'm giving the Toukley Family Medical Centre one star for effort. There's a Doctor called Gerald Martin. Who is always either sending wrong referrils or something going wrong. We had a care plan person come out to the house. And Gerald Martin has got completely different medications written down. And saying that these meds are what he has percribed. And there so different to what he has actually percribed to us. He's all over the shop. We took paper work to the physico. Which is only 40 feet from his office. And the lady from the physics said that. There's something wrong on the paperwork that he had written. So we took it back to Gerald Martin. And then went back to the physics. And you wouldn't believe it. The lady from the physico. Said what's going on he's done it again. This so called paper work was completely wrongly written again. There's always something that. This Doctor Gerard Martin is doing wrong. He the doctor will not give my partner any pain medicaction. None whT so ever. And he says that she has a addictive personality. That's why he will not give any pain meds. I mean my partner doesn't even drink or take drugs. She has a parturity gland tumor. Along with cervical cancer and alot more. That's wrong with her. She is in terrible pain like you couldn't imagine at times. I've had to call 6 ambulances in seven weeks. Because of pain she's been in. This Doctor Gerard Martin is a terrible doctor. When Kristine had the start of the perturity gland tumor. And other illness's This Doctor Martin said it was stress nothing to worry about. And I said no she's screaming with pain. It's a perturity gland tumor. Now I hate self diagnoses. But there was another young female online with the exact same symptoms. And he said no stress. I asked the doctor Martin to send us for a MRI. and yes I was right it was or is a perturity gland tumor. If your sick don't go to this doctor. At the Toukley Family Medical Centre.
N7 Fury Operative
Doctors and staff are super friendly and understanding, nice and respectful
edna de leon
my partner is treated there by shelly bourne and shes so good
Daniel Fury
Terrible! I was attacked numerous times by hoards of the undead whilst simply trying to attend my needed Medical appointment. The place is infested by the living dead. Either prepare for a hoard or avoid. The smell of rotting walking corpse farts is also off putting.
Carol Smith
Comprehensive medical centre with.small gym.

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