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Dakota Paull
Going to this clinic was the worst decision I could have made for my health. I visited Dr Adham after my GP refered me for symtoms that could have been endometriosis. Dr Adham was very dismissive and without a scan or test assured me I didn’t have Endo and that my symptoms were something to just live with. I asked for some type of reassurance and was given a referal for a ultrasound that he told me came back completely normal. After all the rave reviews I trusted this opinion and lived in extreme pain for 4 months, going by the advice I’d been given. After I couldn’t handle it anymore, I visited another gynaecologist and excision specialist who diagnosed me with a large amount of suspected Endo as well as a very large ovarian cyst. I was put in for quite urgent surgery and had all removed with lab results confirming Endometriosis. To this day my current gyno is absolutely amazed that all of this was missed on Dr Adhams ultrasound. 4 months of extreme pain that did not have to be endured, all because of Dr Adhams dismissive attitude and lack of competency.
Val Helen
My review is based on a couple of visits and phone calls to his admin staff regarding a high risk pre-pregnancy situation and fertility issues. Dr Adham appeared cool and collected ( most likely belonging more in an aftershave commercial than in a consulting room with a grieving mother like me) on all occasions, rarely speaking and listening intently. I needed answers but he rarely elaborated. However, I liked how I didn't have to wait long to see him (unlike Elizabeth Gallagher' patients across the room who were still waiting after I had finished on BOTH visits). At the end of the second consult, he gave me possible future points of reference which I looked into and followed up myself later on (I was absolutely desperate for help and answers). Upon ringing the reception later on however, I was berated by the staff for the following up as Dr Adham had not written this information in his notes (but how would I have known to follow this up if he hadn't told me?). They're exact words, before telling me off among the background noise of a fully open clinic room, I'll never forget... "Oh Val, Yes, We've just been talking about you ..." I never returned.

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