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Elizabeth Lassithiotakis said 4 years ago
I am new to the area and found it hard to find a medical centre I liked but CHC Medical Centre are just beyond wonderful. I felt very comfortable from the minute I walked in. I was greeted by friendly faces and the doctors helped my family and I on such short notice. My visit here was nothing but pleasant and I’m happy I have found a welcoming place. I will definitely be happy to come back again.
Ross Neil said 4 years ago
I saw a couple of poor reviews for Dr Inkson. I have on a number of occasions been treated by the doctor and found the accusations hard to believe. My experience was that Dr Inkson was professional and he took interest in my medical needs and explained any issues of concern to my satisfaction. I thought he also has a slight sense of humour. Just experience.
Amelia Mackney said 4 years ago
DR CHRIS INKSTON IS RUDE UNPROFESUONAL & IS INCAPABLE OF OFFERING PATIENTS COMPASION. I have been attending this paractice for years and have had nothing but positive experiences with the doctors until my usual doctor took leave and I had the unfortunate experience of being booked in with Dr Chris Inkston who was incredibly rude and intimidating. i requested to see another doctor to which point Dr inkston approached the practice manager and forced me to leave the building although I was in a highly emotional state. Complete lack of duty of care and compassion from this man. When the manager was speaking with me Dr inkston took it upon himself to come stand over me while I was attempted to lodge a complaint against him. I was then advised that they would call the police on me although I was not being violent or abusive in anyway towards any of the staff members. I then collapsed in the hall because they put me in such an emotional state that I could not move , but was forced to leave the practice after telling them how dizzy and I was. I am prone to seizures and the doctors are aware that stress can cause these seizures yet offedred no appropriate medical action for me to at least have a moment to conpose myself. One of the worst experiences I have ever had with a doctor and would recommend anyone going to CHC MEDICAL CLEAR STEER OF DR CHRIS INKSTON.
Annon said 4 years ago
I really hate that the doctors run beyond a hour late. They may as well provide you with pillows and blankets but the loss of income from waiting 2+ hours on more than one occasion is ridiculous.
Georgie Claire said 4 years ago
Reluctantly rating 1 star. Dr Ashton was the best doctor I'd ever seen, the reception is very friendly and professional and the chemist staff are lovely aswell. What makes me rate this establishment 1 star is Dr Chris Inkson. He is a very rude individual. After going to him for weight loss advice he told my mother to simply not eat at all. He told her nobody in concentration camps are fat so she could go without eating for a few days.

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