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(07) 3365 6210

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Monday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Thursday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

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UQ Health Service

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jake abrion said 3 years ago
This 1 star review is based on my interactions with and observances of the reception staff at this medical practice for approx.10 years, not the medical staff. My interactions with the latter have all been positive and I have no complaints about the medical knowledge or ‘bedside’ manner of the medical providers. There was only one instance where I was not happy with a medical practitioner. A doctor who was already running 45 minutes late decided to see a drug rep who had just turned up unannounced (I know this because I overheard the conversation with reception staff) just as it was my turn to see the doctor. I thought this to be unprofessional and rude. I told them so at the reception desk and left without seeing a doctor that day. Back to the reception staff: faces have come and gone over the years, however, the same arrogance and pressured, superior attitude from some has existed over time at the front desk. I’ve heard some staff on a number of occasions (given chronic health complaints and advancing years I visit the practice on average perhaps 4-6 times a year) making patronizing comments to students that don’t have English as first language. This is disrespectful and, in my observances was always unnecessary. I’ve been treated dismissively on a number of occasions. For example, on one occasion I stood where a sign instructed me to stand before being called to the desk. The 3 staff behind the counter continued their conversation for several minutes, before one finally called me over. The look on her face said it all—what an inconvenience. No sooner did I state that I wanted to make an appointment, I was met with a 30 second tirade of how busy the practice was, and how people must understand that it was impossible to get in at short notice. My response went something like this, ‘OK first up I never mentioned that I wanted an immediate appointment, I was never given the chance to state this before you started talking. I know the practice is busy (it was near exam time) all I wanted was an appointment in about 3 weeks’ time when I’m due for a repeat prescription.’ Once the appointment was sorted I admittedly couldn’t help myself--stating “now that wasn’t so hard after all was it?” On another occasion I phoned for an appointment and was again spoken to in an abrupt manner. I told her that her manner was abrupt and indeed rude. I was immediately disconnected. On another occasion I turned up to see my regular doctor and in making this known to a staff member upon arrival I used the doctor’s first name (because of my familiarity with him). The woman at reception said ‘its doctor……. to you, not…….’ This infuriated me but I kept a level tone and stated ‘well then if you are so hung up on formalities you can call me by my title which is also Doctor’ (I have the academic credentials). In the very next sentence she said I could take a seat. But in doing so made it a point to refer to me by my first name only. There are more examples, including my observance of an international student leaving in tears after a dismissive interaction by one staff member—no empathy or concern for the girl at all. I felt moved enough by this experience to go outside to comfort the girl, but thankfully she had a couple of friends waiting outside. I soon became so miffed about some reception staff (I must qualify that all are not like this. There has indeed been some pleasant ones) that I started carefully recording the more unpleasant interactions in a notebook (including names of the offenders). Unfortunately, after moving away from the area I’ve been unable to locate this notebook. I had planned to send this record to the Director of UQ Health Services. I’m relegated now to leaving a review. Hopefully it’s informative to others….. My message to the applicable reception staff is, treat people with dignity and respect and don’t mistreat and bully others. Perhaps a 'culture change' from the Top needs to be implemented.
said 3 years ago
The nurse and the dorctors are very nice! BUT the OLD receptionist is very rude! She talked to me like I am miserable
shaowei li said 3 years ago
A terrible experience. I suffered from the cold violence of the reception.
Ehsan Sanaei said 4 years ago
You should book a week before, which it makes the clinic less useful for an urgent situation. I visited UQ health service couple of times and always waited around 30 minutes more in the clinic. They can have a better management. The staffs are friendly and I did not face any problem so far.
Sui Arbitrantes said 4 years ago
The receptionists somehow messed up my queing and was never placed on the line up even though i had an appointment. Waited 2 hours before they got it sorted out. This was just 1 occassion. Been there 3 times and have been seen fairly quickly. MAJOR issue with this branch is the long intro message when you call the office. It takes a solid 3 minutes if not more to get through talking points. I have no idea why there is no button to skip right past the machine

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