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Kim Wilson
Disappointed to have been charged a 'consultation fee' each time that I received a vaccination (in addition to the cost of the vaccinations). I needed a series of three vaccinations over three visits, and was charged an additional $55 consultation fee each time. Obviously the first consultation was required, however subsequent visits for the second and third injections should not have incurred consultation fees for simply saying to the doctor "may I please have my 2nd/3rd vaccination". An unnecessary cash grab.
Aaron Jupp
Practice has started charging a $50 fee for late / missed appointments. This fee is being applied to regulars, pensioners, and everyone as i understand it. It's not a medical / medicare or AMA related fee. Just what the average person calls "a greedy" fee. As a long time monthly regular, I was hit up with this fee (even though I am disabled and mobility is not always easy, it does not seem to matter). I have since chosen to relocate my business up the street as this is a disgusting practice to simply charge people unnecessary fees. * avoid and seek one of the MANY alternatives in the area!
Moa Parsland
Doctor S. Bosworth was very professional and educated me in how to detect cancerous moles on the body. I am very pleased with my appointment and definatelly recommend him and the clinic to others!
I've now been with this practice for well over a year, and couldn't be happier. Took me a little while to settle in with a GP who felt 'right' for me, but I've no doubt that the first couple I saw are very effectively caring for their patients, just have different communication styles to my own. Genuinely couldn't be more appreciative for my now regular Doc's wealth of knowledge & concise manner. I have great confidence that he will always pursue whatever thorough assessments are warranted, collaboratively (with myself/other appropriate specialists) developing a clear treatment plan and then consistently following through/reassessing/updating it as we progress. I always feel confident because he clearly communicates with me at every stage. At times the admin side of the practice can be a little disjointed, but they're incredibly busy, so I guess that's understandable (albeit frustrating at times). As far as fees - the only time I've been charged a cancellation fee was after not showing up three times in one week (great sleeps though ;) ). In that situation they're not just losing the revenue from that appointment, but are also left still trying to slot in other patients desperate to see their Doc ASAP, as well as me trying to rebook - so paying a fee is more than fair enough. It cannot seriously be called a cash grab... Funny thing but I haven't missed an appointment since! The nursing staff are also outstanding: I am very satisfied with the practice overall.
Alicia Stokes
Every time we've been here over the past two years (with two kids under 5 that means pretty much once a fortnight); we've had OUTSTANDING advice and service. We've seen at least five different doctors from this practice; and have been pleased with every single one. I honestly can't thank them enough for their honest opinions, explanation of conditions and outcomes for alternate treatment plans. It's refreshing to be given genuine, heartfelt advice in a non-patronising manner. I can't recommend these guys highly enough!

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