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Medical Imaging QLD & NSW - Queensland Diagnostic Imaging

Queensland Diagnostic Imaging are your local medical imaging specialists with more than 30 practices across NSW and QLD. Our doctors are experts in all aspects of Radiography, Sonography and Nuclear Medicine. Find your local practice today!

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Roger Alexander
I rang up to book 2 ultrasounds. I wanted to do them together but I couldn't because of bulk billing and also 1 was fasting and the other was needing me to drink lots of water. That's fair enough, I was fine with that. And I was also fine with having been put on hold for 7 minutes at the beginning- I know they are really busy. But what came next was downright rude and insulting. The pressure she put me under to answer swiftly and write down quickly was obvious. When I couldn't answer fast enough for her she went and put me on hold again! Luckily on hold for only a minute but the fast pressure to write down instructions was still on. Then I got flustered and said she should try and be a bit more patient. Well then she says "I can see your a bit upset- I'm only trying to help you. Seems to me she has probably used that reply a lot. Like I said before, 'rude and insulting'. Think I might try out the other imaging businesses next time.
Lachlan Libke
Booked in at Marumba Downs who took my referal form from me and gave me a business card with appointment time. Arrived at QDI Cabolture who informed me the would not do the xray without the referal form. They then proceeded to wait 15 minutes for my GP to fax through the referal and cancled the appointment moments before it was faxed through and informed me they could rebook my appoint 10 days from now. 0/10. Save yourself the time and pain. Go to I-MED radiology instead of QDI.
Rachel Lang
Went to have a scan done today to address an issue that has been nearly ten years in the making. After years of doctors appointments, waiting lists, and losing the mobility in my hand I was referred here to have an ultrasound and the problem (a cyst) removed from my hand. Except when I arrived I couldn't find the place. At the time of my appointment I called to advise them I was trying to locate the office. The staff at Caboolture put me on hold for SIX MINUTES before taking my call to explain where the entrance was. I explained where I was, was told that was fine. I arrived and they had cancelled my appointment because I was too late. I'm incredibly disappointed and the offer of an appointment on a different day is just unacceptable. I don't live anywhere near this location, and having the appointment will be even more onerous and difficult. The staff offered no apology, would not recommend this QDI location to anyone.
denise humphries
Are people aware of the huge number of people who use this facility?! I was there today and the staff have a job to do and you wait and you wait and the TV is banal which is not QDI's fault - but it is all about due process. I do understand if you are not well the waiting sometimes seems over the top and you just want to walk out but on doing that you have lost your place in the queue. The facility could be vastly improved because it reminds you of "the public system" - and only in the public system is radiology "free!!"
Johanna S
If you are excited about your pregnancy DONT COME HERE (QDI Caloundra has a very amazing and through Scottish radiologist). Will be met with nothing but radiologists who are bitter, grumpy and just plain rude. Came here for 7 week scan - older lady was incredibly rude, not happy to be here, basically hated her job, and made it very obvious to us that that is how she felt. Was training a girl (and the poor girl was copping it for asking basic questions and getting eye rolls from her). Received unwanted medical advice about my birthing choices - elective c section. Came here for 20 week morphology scan different lady (with partner and very well behaved 1 year old), both partner, my 1 Year old were made to feel incredibly unwelcome from walking in the door. 1 year old didn’t even make a noise. They ended up leaving 10 minutes in due to being made uncomfortable. Radiologist told us of for bringing child before she even introduced herself. No talking, no people skills, no happiness, she hated her job aswell. Can also say that was not a through morphology scan. Too quick to have been done properly. Working in medical myself I know that sometimes your job can be repetitive and dealing with people can be annoying but their is no excuse for rudeness and not doing your job properly, and no need to give unwarranted/uneducated medical advice to their clients. Can honestly say that I won’t be coming back here, won’t be sending my patients here and I’m incredibly disappointed with the service provided.

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