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Adrian Cahill
Nice appearance but our first visit was with a new born and sick mother. Just over an hour in a almost empty waiting room. No reason or apology given. Long waits really appear to be common practice. 1 hour+ wait on a good day, hate to see a busy day.
Julie Munro
Brilliantly helpful ! My mum travelled from WA for Christmas after having a large skin cancer cut out of her lower leg. Nothing was too much trouble and they were so generous it’s time and advice ! The team - Nurse Julie and all the team ! You have made my mum’s journey more pleasurable ....
Alessia Dal Bello
Really disorganised and too never can make to talk to the same person and don't try to get info via phone as they say the don't know or always something different
My husband went in with a hard bone growth on his collarbone. THe doctor said its a cyst, sends him for an X-ray (OK) and an ultrasound (fine) but prescribes him antibiotic. THat leaves me dumbfounded. Why? Why antibiotic? He is not feverish. There is no lesion. No puncture. No damage to the area. No trauma. Why antibiotic? I am not happy. I would moreover have expected more information that "it's a cyst". It is hard, not soft. It's large, and on the inner end of his clavicle. I have had ganglion cysts. It is not like a cyst. maybe she's right, but prescribing antibiotic?
Excellent Doctors and Staff

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