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Allen Smith said 3 years ago
My most recent visit involved a 40 minute wait with no apology. My issues were blood pressure and a Ganglion. I was declined a blood pressure test because I had checked it at home. Only done after some insistence. with blood pressure at 145 over 95 was told it was mild and "nothing to be concerned about" The heart foundation disagrees. As for the Ganglion, I was told to "Live with it" The whole attitude was appalling. As a patient here for 25 years I was hoping for better than this..
Gwynneth Roberts said 3 years ago
My wait time- even if calling ahead- is usually 1hr+! The Docs are okay, Dr Crystal is excellent but unfortunately the admin is the WORST I have EVER come across. This clinic may be good if you don't need the admin to do ANYTHING except process your payment. 1. They made an appointment with a DIFFERENT Dr to the one requested- luckily I realized as I had to change it. 2. They somehow had 2 files for me and even though the lady checked my Medicare card - my name and Medicare number were BOTH incorrect on my blood request form (discovered as pathology check it). 3. Getting blood result- is an absolute nightmare!!! I understand about privacy etc- but I have no other word but complete incompence. * called to ask if in- told no.... Called lab, actual answer is yes, all but 2. * Told the Dr had to give permission so email is sent to her. (Even though I ASKED the Doc in my initial consult and verbally told reception when paying it was approved and gave them my email). * No communication 7hrs later- do follow up- reception cannot even confirm email had been sent, but will send again.... Wait till next day *Call again- told the same thing - waiting for approval.... then a nurse calls- I can't talk as at wk-play voicemail chasing a little-then call reception again - explain I don't need to speak to a nurse- I just need my results! (And the Doc knows this! As we discussed in my consult). *get a voicemail from someone saying send admin an emaIl and results will be sent - just wanting to confirm correct email (even though I have already given it- so it should be on my file).... I send the email explaining why - get an automated reply. *wait 4 hours- still no real email- call AGAIN - explain why- admin finds email and says they will reply. I finally think I will get my results- oh NO.... Just another "we have emailed the Doc to get permission to send results". *i call the clinic EXTREMELY frustrated now and tell them their admin system is clearly EXTREMELY DIFUNCTIONAL. Ask again! For my results to be sent.... They say they will follow up- privacy/permission etc etc...... *Chexk my voicemail to find the one which says permission has ALREADY BEEN GIVEN.... Call back with the intention of playing it to them over the phone! .... admin person has found permission has been given and will send through.... I ask permission to also be given for the 2 that are not back yet too, so I DON'T have to go through this again.... *Today, call to ask if next 2 are in... "No" tell the admin I honestly don't trust what they say, as I have been told no before when they have been in. I get the receptionist being rude and defensive telling me they can't see if they are in till the Doc has looked at them..... I explain last time the Doc had looked at them but I was told none were in (as the lab told me they had been viewed on X date), I was curtly told they are just reception staff and don't know which results are which..... I didn't ask them about specific result- just if they could see if any new results had come in Fri or today. The receptionist was very rude and unhelpful- as usual. I told her I would check with the lab and when they are in, call back. No doubt, getting the next 2 will be difficult too, though maybe not, as they have sent some before, one can only hope. Moral of the story- next time I will get the Doc to put a note somewhere- or write something in hand which I can show reception - stating she is happy for me to be emailed my results! The last time I had to get blood results from a Doc (at a different clinic)- I called, the receptionist checked .... Was ABLE to tell me if/what was back and they emailed it to me...... This is how a FUNCTIONAL admin system works. This medical practice needs better trained admin staff and staff that want to HELP and actually follow through with their tasks. They need a central system so that if one admin sends/does something- other admins can "see" what action has been taken. OR they need to tell any one calling- ask for ME- when replying/calling as NO ONE ELSE will have a clue.
Niki Ververis said 4 years ago
Not a very helpful clinic. When you ask what's involved with the tests you wish to do, the receptionist keeps saying "I have no idea" and does nothing about it to find out. So they expect us to drive down there and find out that they probably do what every other doctor does. It sounds very unprofessional to me.
Rosemary Cooper said 6 years ago
So convenient having online appointments
David Coe said 7 years ago
Great staff and quality health care.

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