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For over 40 years the Denmark Medical’s doctors have looked after the health of the local residents and visitors within our practice setting and the Albany Regional Hospital in the Great Southern of Western Australia.

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Crocs First said 3 years ago
Dr Prathalingam is the BEST Doctor i have came across ever. He has so much care and knowledge. The hospital had not 1% care at 8pm and said that the doctor was tired because he was working all day and could not be bothered to see patient's, so he only sat by the for life or death circumstance. I needed treatment rite there and the but got the nurses to rush me out of the door. So i went to Denmark Medical Center and i had seen Dr Prathalingam. Literally within 2 seconds of seeing me he had told me that i needed to go to hospital Straight away and he would meet me there in 10min but he was only 5min, Dr Prathalingam had me in a bed and had 4 nurse's working on me Straight away, for hour's and had told me that i was in a bad way but he was there too help and i would be ok and i would recover in a few weeks, as i did. I cannot thank him enough. As for the other doctor and the other 2 nurse's, i have not made a complaint yet because i know they should be Sacked and probably have a family they need to feed. But i think i will because this just cannot happen the way they were. It is terrible the way the so called doctor treats emergency patients after normal hospital hours, i could not and still cannot believe that they think that this is ok. If it was not for Doctor Prathalingam, Denmark hospital and the Dr along with the 2 nurses would have had one of the biggest court case's the public system would have seen as i would have went all the way until they were all sacked along with compensation, aswell as this story to be spread across the world with the news. Denmark hospital and it's staff are Great and treated me aswell as other patients very well, i cannot praise them enough, as for the so called tired doctor and the 2 nurses!! Shame on them and i cannot say what i would like to. THANKYOU once again Doctor Prathalingam, you have really given me back my full mobility.
Mac Cat said 4 years ago
Okay for x-ray.

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