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Scott Laurie Lexine O'Donnell said 3 years ago
Dr Pouesi has been our family Doctor for many years and can recommend him to anyone. Dr Warren recently retired from the practice and was replaced by Dr Cunningham who is also a great female doctor
B R said 3 years ago
Dr Pouesi Is not to be trusted and is unprofessional .He spoke to another Doctor without my permission. I spoke to Pouesi of my concerns of a second Doctor I had once seen. Pouesi felt it was his business to inform the other Doctor . Pouesi is a second or Third rate Doctor. Non bulk billing. There are other choices....
Charles Webb said 4 years ago
Very helpful, thoughtful front staff. Arranging follow ups. Medical staff patient- focussed listeners,and yet thorough.
Robert Pelnens said 7 years ago
Wonderful Medical centre with Dr warren and Dr Joss and there is QML Pathology in there as well. Centrally located more than any other medical centre to the Hospital is just hop , skip and jump down the laneway if you need specialist treatment. The photo on Google street view is deceptive and actually the Department of Mineral resources next to Leichhardt Medical Centre

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