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Sheridan Snare said 3 years ago
Called the medical centre at 9am and got told it’s only a 1 hour wait. Not too bad right? Got here at 9:30am and still sitting here at 12:10pm with 4 people still in front of us. Firstly, the receptionist shouldn’t lie on the phone and tell people the incorrect wait time and secondly, where are the other doctors? Understandable that there’s 1 doctor on and a lot of people waiting to be seen, but if there were more doctors working, people wouldn’t be sitting around getting cranky for so long and the one doctor wouldn’t be under so much pressure to get through so many people on his own.
Turtle _693_r said 3 years ago
2 and half hr wait with 2 drs on, one was late. I understand it a free and all but we need more consistency. Only her to get a shot due to newborn on the way. Bloody joke in my eyes
Alexander Peters said 3 years ago
waited 3 hours to be told at 7:30pm the doctor has gone home and you couldn't see anyone today... pathetic I would give it 0 stars if possible.
Mark Cobden said 3 years ago
Rang up at 9 and asked if I had to wait again or move up in line because I was there the day before for 4 hours without being seen and got told that I had to wait again. Fair enough, that was ok. Asked what sort of wait time I was looking at and she says an hour. I’m like no worries see you shortly. Left home got there and guess what time I was seen? 1pm. Now I know math isn’t everyone strong point but I’m fairly certain most people can see that’s no where near an hour. 2 hours, yeah ok. 3 not really what I was told but has to be done. 4!? What a joke. Don’t say one thing when the reality isn’t even close and why is the wait that long. 1/4 of the medical centre had people in it, IF THAT. Oh that’s right, because for most of the time I was there it was 1 doctor. Just like 5-8 of the 4 hours I waited the day before. Absolute joke of a service.
BOBSHELL said 3 years ago
I went in there today as my migraine medication had run out. I spoke with the dr about my medication called maxalt wafers. She told me i was taking the wrong medication and gave me a prescription for a different medicine. After my 3 hour wait i was finally on my way to a chemist for my medication. The chemist is a family friend and became quite upset when she saw the script saying "im so sorry i had no idea you were dealing with this. If there's any thing we can do to help you guys please let us know" i was a little thrown back and asked why she was so upset and she replied "because of the cancer". This idiot dr had given me a script for an anti nausea tablet thats used by people who are on a massive chemotherapy regieme treating aggressive cancer. They were not for migraines and would not have helped my in any way. How many other people have been prescribed the wrong medication from this medical center. How many lives are being put at risk through the drs having no idea of what they're prescribing? You're going to kill someone one day but it wont be me as my family and i will never come back. STAY AWAY FROM THESE QUACKS

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