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Aaron Parker
Reception staff can be particulary rude especially one named Wendy. Majority of Doctors there are great except for one or two that make you wonder if they got their uni degree from the back of a cereal box. It is these Doctors that you see if you need to get in quickly otherwise if you want a good quality Doctor here be prepared to wait from a week to a month

Michigan boy, 5, suffers gruesome injuries after mauling by 2 dogs - 60 minutes ago
Little Hunter Callender was playing with his younger sister outside his grandmother's house in Grand Rapids on May 12 when two pit bulls jumped out of a neighbor's car and lunged at him.
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Gunfire outside Michigan high school graduation injures two - 1 hour ago
Gunfire erupted outside another high school graduation Thursday and two people were caught in the crossfire, according to Michigan authorities.
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Shoppers at Massachusetts store get into spat over baby formula: video - 1 hour ago
Shoppers at a store in Massachusetts got into a heated spat over the baby formula shortage when one woman emptied an entire shelf of products.
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Driver must stand trial for deadly Tesla crash in California - 1 hour ago
A judge says a driver who used a Tesla on autopilot must stand trial for a crash near Los Angeles that killed two people
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China becomes wild card in Sri Lanka's debt crisis - 1 hour ago
China says its initiative to build ports and other infrastructure across Asia and Africa, paid for with Chinese loans, will boost trade
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Minnesota Woman’s Wild Police Getaway Ride Has A Cartoon Ending - 1 hour ago
Police tried to pull the woman over, but a construction zone helped her for them.
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