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Daniel P. Collins said 4 years ago
As a relatively new small business owner, I was intimidated by what I felt I didn't know. I knew I needed competent and astute financial and tax advice, alongside practical tips to keep me organized and allow me to understand the steps necessary to run a business properly. Because I wasn't certain about tax and financial matters I often experienced procrastination ... Mr. O'Brien helped me immediately ... he made me feel comfortable and he never judged me.  He suggested ways to improve my bad record keeping habits and he showed me, in common sense ways, how to work assiduously towards improving the future of my business.  Since then I have been listening to his advice and my business has seen steady improvement in a relatively short period of time.  Most importantly, he has helped me to feel secure in my approach to tax matters and financial affairs. Mr. O'Brien was able to exceed my expectations on how an accounting firm would interact with its clients. My expectations were high. I felt that they should be knowledgeable, professional, easy to reach, trustworthy, experienced, and respectful toward me. O'Brien Accountants is all those things, and more.  The organizational effectiveness and time saving tips he and his staff brought to me and my business are beyond price.  As anyone who owns a business knows, confidence in one's tax obligations and maintenance of a stable financing environment, with dependable practices and operating procedures, are the most necessary of all ingredients ... Darryl O'Brien and his staff have provided those answers to me.  Thank you guys! [Spoken from the heart! ]
Liz said 4 years ago
I have been a client of Darryl's for around 15 years now, and also referred friends to him. Darryl is highly experienced, and I have been happy with my tax returns and investment plans. I think it is worth spending a bit extra to get quality accounting advice.
Raylene Allen said 4 years ago
I have been using Obrien Aacounts for over 15 years and find them a pleasure to deal with. They are so helpful, I am very happy to recommend them to all. I have several friends now using Darryl as their accountant.
Joanne Claybourn said 4 years ago
I would like to thank Darryl for all the help with my finances and in getting me a great return. I have been with Darryl and his team for many years.
M Harvey said 4 years ago
UPDATE: Since posting the review below back in 2016, I have been contacted by the owner to take down this review (and others) in exchange for a refund of the fees I had requested as compensation for the mistakes made on my original dealings with them (from over a year ago). This latest dealing was equally as unpleasant as the original and my comments in my first review still absolutely stand. In exchange for removing all negative (but factual) reviews, I was offered a partial refund and terms that I did not agree with. When I went back and requested the full refund that I had asked for over a year ago and different terms I have heard absolutely nothing despite multiple follow up emails. Even though the owner contacted me in the first place, there has been no resolution, no communication once I questioned the terms and no respect afforded by the owner and the team. Its disapointing to see that they were willing to "pay off" bad reviews but couldn't even rectify the problems that had caused the reviews in the first place - my main complaint was and still is poor service and communication based on the higher than average fees. Just to be clear - my issue is NOT the fee cost, these fees are displayed clearly on their website and I had no problem paying them when the illusion was that the service would be up to the standard of those fees - disappointingly, this is not the case. I'd also like to mention that on another negative review (on truelocal) it was commented by the owner that it was "trolling". This is not the case. From both dealings I have the email correspondence to show that the inclusions in my reviews are fact only. From what I can see from these other reviews I'm not the only one that has had issues with O'Brien Accountants and if the credibility of my review is questioned by the business I am more than happy to include screen shots of our correspondence to back up the facts of my review. O'brien Accountant's - please do not contact me again. My review stands as fact and will not be removed. I wish to have no further dealings with yourself or your company. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Original Review (2016): If I could select less than one star I would. Service provided is sub-par considering the fees that are charged. Professionalism is by far below the standard you would expect from any business.

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