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Pancho Perro said 7 years ago
'Kok' is an astute description. It has taken these tax agents 5 months to submit my tax return to the ATO, despite multiple calls as to why it had not been lodged. I had to post them extra paperwork after my initial appointment, so the first time they tried to deduct money from my card which declined (I need to transfer funds to that card on a transaction basis). No biggie, not their fault. What was their fault is they didn't contact me to advise the transaction had declined and to request payment. So I waited 8 weeks before calling to ask why the hell the ATO website had not received my lodgement. They tried to tell me they had called me, but records on my mobile prove them otherwise. I paid, and all was supposedly well. Weeks later, I checked the ATO website - no lodgement received! You can imagine my delight. I called Kok, who advised me payment had not been made to them. I took a deep breath and reminded of the previous call weeks before in which we had made a credit card payment over the phone. Kok told me to "Hang on a minute" before dropping the phone to wander off for several minutes. He returned to tell me he had forgotten. With no apology whatsoever, he told me he would lodge the return and hung the phone up. So weeks later when I logged onto the ATO site to check the process of my return and IT HADN'T BEEN LODGED, you can imagine my insides twisting into a ball of furious rage. By the way, I'm a Uni student. A spare $1000 means a world of difference to me. So I called him and sure enough, he'd just forgotten. Again, no apology was offered and he advised he would submit it. Which he did. By Jove, he submitted it alright. Last week I received a letter from the ATO requesting me to call them about my 2011 tax return. 2011 you may ask? What the!? That was certainly what I was wondering. So I called them, and dear Kok has submitted TWO tax returns. One for 2011 and one for this financial year. So my 2014 return is now being held up by a rouge return that Kok has submitted without my knowledge or consent. The ATO rectified the issue after a half hour phone call, deleting Kok’s incorrect return and leaving the only one he actually should have entered. First time user of this tax agent, and I swear to God - never again. It's ironic because we changed tax agents to get it PROCESSED FASTER as our agent last year screwed us around. So at the end of the day, I’ll hopefully get my money in a fortnight. Only around six months after my initial appointment with Kok. He has been rude, unhelpful and put me at risk of looking fraudulent with the ATO (if I’m audited because of this I will be furious, I just want my money dammit!) If I give you one tip in life, it is not to use this guy. I never will again, and I rue the day I walked into this home office. Once I get the money I plan to finally service my car. Hooray for my brakes holding it together this long!
Margaret O'keefe said 8 years ago
Seems to be highly stressed, told us off and threw us out of his office. We were totally stunned and will NOT be returning. Caveat emptor.
Blacktown City Judo Club said 4 years ago
Peter Black said 4 years ago

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