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Bell Partners Accountants Advisors & Auditors

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Accountants, Wealth & Financial Advisors, Legal | Bell Partners

Bell Partners is an advisory firm with expertise in accounting, tax, audit, wealth financial advice, legal, finance & insurance - call our team today!

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Mia Kuprava said 4 years ago
Very nice staff and polite and a great location they picked. But when everything seems too nice it shows they are just trying to sell you off and scan you. Totally wasted my time.
Alex Satriani said 5 years ago
Massive scam! If anyone has no idea of what they actually doing at a Account then I would never recommend this company. They give you a meeting and sit you down in a room with a white board explaining in all Accounting terminology that you feel like a dumb person and just want to give them the work to do. They charge businesses immense rates and do nothing else than a normal Accountant would do. Unless you are google or Microsoft then yes go a head and chuck in the money but as I said will never recommend these scammers.
Brett Llewellyn said 4 years ago
Mel Santos said 4 years ago
Taylor McNeall said 4 years ago

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