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Above Ground Pools for Sale in Australia

Classic Pools is an award winning provider of in ground and above ground pools, Australia wide. Contact the experts for a quote.

Stacey B said 2 years ago
I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMP ANY AFTER OUR EXPERIENCE....we searched around for a suitable pool finally selecting classic pools Brisbane . Mark the salesman clinched the deal and appeared genuine and friendly. After deciding on the exact pool he recommended the installer classic uses and quoted for the Installation claiming Carlos the installer excellent . We went away happy and excited of the prospect our new pool would be in ground and landscaped ready to swim in next summer....however that isn't what happened. The pool installer came to do a site inspection and gave us a verbal quote for installing the coping around the pool a fence and some landscaping. It was double and more than what the pool was worth and only estimated. We then asked for photos of his work and a written quote. He informed us he takes no photos and to look at the pool companies website of display old pools . Then sent us a quote for nearly $21 000 not stating what he was doing no drawings nothing . I asked if the rocks around the pool he stated he was putting in would not grow weeds through and his comment then was poison them or pull them out. We were stunned his quotation states he is a garden and home business and we cannot seem to find a license number or any reviews. The pool company recommends this guy but they wash their hands of anything after they sell the pool to you . To make matters worse the home and garden guy alias the classic pool installer then told me he only did it at that price to work in our budget. We never discussed a budget and whoa ..... nearly $21 000 no contract no license no paperwork...how unprofessional .This morning we advised classic to cancel our pool due to the unprofessional conduct of the pool installer they recommend highly. I also have grave concerns the price only being an estimate perhaps and being so far $31 000 would have being way in excess of this. All for an above ground pool being installed inground. Hello... Dodgy ..... in our eyes..We are now in the process of quotes from pool companies that provide contracts and license numbers from their contractors . I believe we have luckily avoided a very stressful project that was a nightmare.. coming. A home and garden guy installing an above ground pool in the ground. Eek.......One word RUN..
doc rossa said 2 years ago
Purchased an above pool earlier this year. Leaf catcher is ridiculously small and cracks with small amount of leafs. No handover on installation as he took off before we got home. No on/off value added to pump to conduct cartridge without losing large amounts of water. Poor after service from installer and company. Wedding cake stairs are secured down by besser blocks. Creepy crawly gets caught on steps EVERY time. Very difficult pool to maintain. Want to fill it in!!!! NOT HAPPY as was NOT a cheap pool either. If your thinking of Classic Pools ...... LOOK ELSEWHERE
Rachel Jacobs said 2 years ago
Fantastic service went above and beyond to help me save money 😄
Brad Smith said 3 years ago
Creepy crawly thing can't do two laps without getting stuck at the ladder. Piece of coping was missing got it a week later though. Skimmer box is an absolute joke, with the amount of sales the these guys make you would think the design would be on point. The lid is no higher than the hole in the side of the pool and as much as any movement in the pool causes water to bucket out through the lid of the skimmer box (pool is not overfull). Fittings for the vacuum like the flow regulator don't fit inside skimmer box making it a pain to get working ( skimmer box flap has to be removed and all sorts of fittings and elbows to get the reg close to skimmer and stay under water) . No follow up call from sales staff.
Jabin Mills said 2 years ago
Great service - Pool sold itself.

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