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Transurban Group

Transurban manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and North America. We are a Top 20 company on the Australian Securities Exchange and have been in business since 1996.

A T said 3 years ago
How can a company that makes billions of Melbourne's toll roads get away with such larceny? For weeks, kilometres of the toll roads around Bolte Bridge have been deemed 40km because of roadworks. Applying any commonly-accepted service charter, this should mean a reduced cost to use its toll roads you would think? I just read such a company is also adding the cost of pursuing its non-paying users onto the toll costs of users!
Nicholas Greene said 2 years ago
How many more billions does a company need whilst providing a shocking service on their roads and wasting my time
Prashant C said 2 years ago
Very good work culture
Craig Whittaker said 3 years ago
still waiting for the costs of my damaged wheel rim to be covered from your poorly managed toll roads
Janne Palthe said 3 years ago
Citylink is demanding a copy of my husband's death notice before they will change the name on the account...despite the fact the credit card and cars are now in my name! Who do they think they are??? Phone call advised email from executor was all required. Ridiculous...I would not trust that they would safeguard such confidential information as required under legislation. Already sent an infringement notice re a car travelling without being registered...although they confirm that it is!

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