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Robert Aparo said 2 years ago
To the employee representing your company who decided to abuse me as a cyclist on Arundel Road (10/02/2018). I understand his frustration with sharing the road with cyclists but please consider the following next time before hurling abuse out of his window: 1. I was flying south down Arundel Road at 7.30am on a Saturday at about 45-60 kms an hour and it is difficult to stick far left at that speed with all the pot holes. 2. I cannot hear a car/ute coming from behind me with the head wind. 3. I do not have a rear vision mirror. 4. I do not have eyes in the back of my head. Next time a friendly toot of his horn as he approaches me will allow me to move across to as far left as I can safely go. Alternatively overtake me on the other side of the road as he would any other car. If there are a bunch of cyclists they are entitled to cycle 2 abreast. I do acknowledge some cyclists do the wrong thing. He did the wrong thing this morning. When he is in a work vehicle he should do the right thing by his employer and represent them well. Try riding one morning so he can see how difficult and tricky it can be. This may not change his view on cyclists but he needs to be aware that many cyclists frequent Arundel/Mcnabs Road every morning so he needs to drive safely and we will endeavour to ride safely. There is enough room on the roads for both of us.

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