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Mister Minit Nambour Plaza
Keith Suttenfield said 2 years ago
I had a dreadful experience with this kiosk. I enquired with an employee named Ben about getting a shoe built up. I showed him an example of the shoe completed and asked if he could do it and how much it would be. He said he could do it and it would be $45. I went in two days later and brought in the shoe to be worked on. He then said he'd have to check with his boss and was told he'd have to charge $75, he also then shared that he may require some assistance from his boss to complete the job.. I was not too happy about the price increase or his lack of confidence. Two weeks later when I went to see what was happening with my shoe because I hadn't heard anything, I discovered that he hadn't started the shoe. I was given a volley of excuses as to why it wasn't done, some of it was blamed on his boss for not giving him enough support. Not once was the word "sorry" uttered. At this point I said forget it and asked for my shoe back. He locates the shoe which was brand new when I dropped it in there and as he was handing it to me I saw that it had scratches in the leather. I pointed this out unhappily and he said "what did you expect, to get it back looking brand new"? I was totally shocked! I let him know I wasn't happy and he offered to try and buff out the scratches. Still at this point no apology, just further excuses, this time about his lack of space to work in and further derision at his boss. He apologised when I came back to pick up the shoe after he buffed it but it was far too late for an apology. Ben, you need to look up some info on customer relations. It really is important to say sorry to a customer who has had bad service and who's goods you have damaged by mishandling. Do not make excuses and blame others. I will never return to Mister Minit in Nambour. I went around the corner to the local boot maker in Howard Street who quite happily accepted the job and did so in the exact timeframe stated with a great job completed. He had a much happier demeanour and it was a pleasant experience.
0TC motivation ! said 2 years ago

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