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Bunnings Warehouse in Belmont NSW. Find store information, opening times, services and more. Come visit us today!

Shar W said 2 years ago
Belmont Bunnings NSW has No air conditioning, No ceiling fans, the extractors are not working and I cannot see any form of ceiling ventilation. I brought my mum here for a leisurely shop. We could not stay as the heat inside the building was unbearable. We sat in the cafe for a cool down and a refreshment, the one big dirty industrial fan blew no air as It is so clogged with dirty dust aimed at the tables and our food. Compliments to the staff who work every day dressed in their full uniform and boots. They still manage to be pleasant and helpful. Management, you are not looking after your staff or your customers. Without them you have nothing. Bad Form.... Belmont Bunnings NSW.
Errin Hellingrath said 2 years ago
I usually prefer not to go to Bunnings as I have often found the stores impersonal and daunting. I was picking up a few things yesterday evening and was very impressed with not just how helpful the staff were but with how many said hello and gave me a smile. I can honestly say I have never been in a large chain store and received such service and warm welcome. I don't know what you are doing in your staff training but keep it up. I will be coming back just because of your staff.
Aaron Jakmehov said 1 year ago
stock standard, sausage sizzle always goes off here
Steven C said 2 years ago
Great range of product, but the entrance from the main road is a bit hard to find for a new customer and the service is not as good as other Bunnings.
Kevin Howard said 1 year ago
No craft straight wire lengths, no 1.8mm mig rods no 1.8 welding rods for stainless steel. Cafe closed early so we went to home hardware who had all of the items then to MacDonald's for coffee and cake

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