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Mayfield Hardware is your local independent hardware store servicing all your timber, hardware and building material needs.

Mark Krivo said 3 years ago
I have been here a few times now and the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. They will help you solve problems and the prices are very reasonable. For example once I came in for a specific hard to find bolt, the lady looked through every single one even opening packets up to find it. When it wasn't on the shelf she went out back and found a loose one for me. Cannot reccomend this business highly enough.
Dick Royale said 3 years ago
Very helpful staff and a good selection of hardware and garden stuff. There is a quite good selection of timbers too and they can cut to size but for anything more complex you have to go elsewhere.
MR WONDERFULL said 3 years ago
Have dealt with them for years , Very helpful and easy going people, hardware at very competitive prices
Isaac Harris said 3 years ago
These guys know their stuff. Good prices and very friendly. My recommendation is to skip Bunnings and go to there guys.
john fitzsimmons said 3 years ago
Knowledgeable friendly staff have put me straight and saved me money over the years.Handy parking .

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