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Professional Plumber in Melbourne | O'Shea Plumbing

O'Shea Plumbing provide affordable plumbing services across Melbourne, from emergency plumbing and blocked drains to hot water system installations and repairs.

Maggie Parrant said 2 years ago
Excellent, prompt & friendly service from the team. They arrived when they said, and completed the works with a minimum of fuss. Price was good too! Would definitely recommend them!
richard abrahams said 2 years ago
We called O'Shea Plumbing to unblock our drainage pipes and they said they could send a plumber to us within an hour and a half. This was great service and the plumber who attended was very professional and explained everything, including trouble shooting the problem and fixing it on the spot. Yes, as plumbers they are expensive but the service was 5 star!
Ramesh Sai said 2 years ago
Andrew came in time did all the primary check before installation of gas Hot Water System did plumbing as per Australian standard , Very happy about the services and the quote offered to me Will recommend O'shea plumbing to my friends in future Thanks Sai Dattatreyan
Nicholas Popowycz said 2 years ago
Great customer service, exceptional workmanship and friendly. I couldn’t recommend Laurie and his family/team enough. I’ve had trouble finding a reliable plumber that does good work for a long time I have now found one.
Natalie Duszynski said 2 years ago
I can finally write this review after this 5 month saga of trying to get money back off this company for overcharging my pensioner parents. This is a long story and I know Mr O'Shea has a lawyer that he's quick to use but people need to hear how this company operated in our circumstance. In September 2017 my 70 year old father requested a new hot water service as a replacement for the old gas hot water heater which broke. He did not shop around for quotes. He waited a few days for O'Shea to come around to do the work. He was provided a quote for $12,650 for supplying and installing a new Vulcan gas water heater, new copper pipes and supplying and fitting a new cooktop. During quoting they had also found a gas leak so were told they must replace the old galvanised pipes and install new gas copper pipes through the house which is now 40+years old. Quoting and the 2 hour gas test took they guy 6 hours. The actual Vulcan gas hot water system retailed for $910 at Reece, The cooktop was approximately $675. I intervened during the gas hot water installation as I knew this quote price was highly inflated. I instructed Tom to finish installing the hot water heater so my parents could finally shower but to not go ahead with the rest of the work. Unfortunately at this stage my father had already given O'Shea Plumbing a deposit of $4,600 for all the work, but to my dismay when Tom finished he handed me an invoice for $5200 and demanded $600 to be paid right then! This was just for the testing and installation of a hot water heater! I contacted PNP plumbing who promptly completed the installation and supply of the gas copper piping (the house now had no heating due to Tom severing the gas pipe), removal of wall furnace, installed stove and oven for a reasonable fee of $2,500, a difference of $6875 (excluding the $675 for the cooktop which we bought ourselves). They provided me with a written quote for the Vulcan gas hot water installation which came in at $1530. I wrote a letter to O'Shea Plumbing letting Lawrie the owner know that we were not happy to be blatantly overcharged and that we would take this to VCAT to get the overcharged money back (of which VCAT advised we had a good case for misleading conduct). He rang the next day saying he would provide a $1000 refund. Considering the overcharge was over $3000 we rejected the offer. There was no apology provided at any stage, he just tried many different excuses to justify that his work was much better than other plumbers, or that smaller copper pipe would have been used by the other plumber. However this did not wash with me as the new quote was like-for-like and the gas service to the property was right next to the hot water service. Unfortunately I never got to challenge him in VCAT as my mother secretly rang him and asked to settle for the $1000, of which she had to sign a legal document stating that the matter is now closed and no further action could be taken. Please do not use O'Shea Plumbing. I recommend PNP or I have also used Twin Plumbing Electrics and they were good too. Also please shop around for quotes no matter how desperate you are. It just might save you hard earned cash in the long run and many months of anguish and time wasted.

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