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Laser Plumbing Westgarth
Jack Pollock said 3 years ago
Laser plumbing Westgarth did some work on our roof for us, which we paid a significant amount of money for (~$10k), and were satisfied with the outcome. After this, we had an issue with our front tap, which we called Laser plumbing for, who fixed it in less than one minute. When we received the bill ($300 to replace a washer), it included a large call out fee - although we only live around the corner and the plumber came from another job and needed to drive past our house to get back to the yard regardless - and costs for materials. I gave Laser plumbing a call to discuss the cost of the work. The receptionist who answered the phone was extremely rude and hung up after I asked to speak to the owner. When I eventually spoke to the owner, he was also unpleasant to begin with, but did become friendlier as the chat went on. I explained that I thought the invoice was high in the context of the above (ease that the problem was fixed, call out fee, previous business we'd given them) and also offered him the potential of other (expensive) work if we could come to an agreement. The outcome was that he reissued the invoice - with a reduced call out fee because they'd overcharged us in the first place - but the major charges still remained. He was well within his rights to do this, however I believe that this is a very short sighted way of doing business. There was also a distinct lack of customer service throughout the process and for these reasons I will not be giving any further custom to this business.

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