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24 Hour Locksmith Services | Emergecny Locksmiths

Ezy Lockmiths have been providing 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Sydney for over four years.

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Jessica Smith
Unprofessional and abusive. I was cut off in traffic and then flipped off by one of your staff members today. I am disgusted. I have video and audio footage to show the unprovoked aggression and disgusting attitude on display, all while driving around in a fully marked company van. I must say - they're doing a great job repping for the business. I'd take your business elsewhere if I were you. UPDATE: In response to an email I sent to management, I was blamed. I was told and I quote: "YOU being in a car and not letting traffic merge means you played a vital role in his manner of driving where he HAD to accelerate to merge or hit a car that was parked in the left lane BECAUSE OF THE LOAD HE CARRIES MAKES IT HARDER FOR HIM TO STOP. When all you had to do was let him pass.. ... YOU ARE BOTH TO BLAME HIM FOR GIVING YOU THE FINGER" Yes - According to Ezy Locksmith's management, I forced him to accelerate. Driving normally, or braking and slowing down was clearly not the better option. No apology offered at all. I will be submitting the video to the Police and making a formal complaint in regards to driving in a manner dangerous. Clearly there is no respect for the public or property - why would you trust them to secure your property? UPDATE - I have now been threatened with legal action for defamation. This is appalling and nothing more than an attempt to stifle free speech, and to suppress legitimate comment. Intimidation is an illegitimate use of the law and I am looking forward to the discovery of their documents. I stand by all statements I have made. All statements are my own opinion, are factual in nature and I believe each honest review that is posted by me is a matter of public interest. Therefore I have not defamed anyone and there is no case to be made against me. That is what reviews are for. You cannot just threaten people with legal action if the review the give your business is not a positive one.
David Peric
Fast and great price. Those negative reviews are a joke.
Ian Goulding
Ali was on time and changed four locks for me, his work is fast and clean. Ali also advised me regarding my wants for a certain type of lock and possible problems with my insurance policy should something happen. I was so glad he told me. The price he charged was more than fair, as a tradesman myself i had to have a sticky beak in his van and what i saw confirmed to me he is a professional at his trade. I need some other work done to the house and will be calling Ali to do the work again. Whilst animated gestures out of the window of your company vehicle can't be condoned because we don't know the full story..... My experience of Ali as a locksmith was nothing but positive.
Fero Farag
Best service
Mohamad Mokdad
Fast and professional lost my house keys arrived within 30min got me in and changed 5 locks to new keys in under an hour!! Thank you EZY LOCKSMITHS.

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