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Christopher Whitton
Horrible experience. Went without my car for a day to then call to see how it was progressing after no communication received. I was told ‘oh the guys gone home for the day’. So in short I dropped my car off at a specified time by the mechanic, only for nothing to happen... Makes sense yeah?
Josh Riddles
Went here to get a roadworthy and was told to fix things that aren’t even on a roadworthy. (Found it from other mechanics) Very filthy place as well not clean and professional looking
Dave Conlon
Emily Rose is a liar. I was picking up my car from a roadworthy the same day this rude young lady and her boyfriend came in. They never lost her key, she'd arranged to pick it up as she wanted her car after hours as she couldn't come to collect it at an appropriate time. I witnessed the whole thing unfold as this lady demanded to be served first.
Very disappointed with the service I received this week. I was in desperate need and wanted any mechanical help as I needed my car asap. They said they'd fix it as soon as possible and they'll ring me to let me know what will be happening. I realised I haven't heard from them so I gave them a ring and they told me what was wrong with the car and what they were gonna do to it, but they said to me they'd ring me to let me know what was going on and not 1 single phone call which made me very upset and concerned. Due to my rush and needed my car asap I suggested that I will get a second hand part so they could get the part I needed locally, due to them looking at my car the day before I needed it when they said they'd look at it a couple days before, I didn't want to wait for a part to come from Melbourne or wherever else. They told me they found a part and they'll put it on there and definitely have it ready at around 9am. 9:15 that morning I rang up and they told me that they are still waiting on the part, but they told me they had it? They told me they're waiting for it to be delivered from Melbourne, but they told me they found one locally? I didn't hear from them until 2pm only because I travelled down to the shop to see what was going on, this was due to the phone going straight to voicemail. They said it'd be ready in time for me but wasn't when I arrived. It was 3pm and they told me it'd be ready in 30 minutes but it wasn't ready until another hour and a half. I paid $500 and waited all that time just to be stuck on the side of the road 10 minutes after I left the shop. I tried ringing them but it went straight to voicemail again and I bet they won't reply to my voicemail I left from me. The worst thing was that they didn't care and didn't help at all. Worst customer experience I've ever had, I've been lied to, ignored and miss treated and will never go here again.
Emily Roscoe
I would not even give this business one star! Absolute joke! The owner lost my key and thought my car was in for a roadworthy when it was in for its first service and then said come back in an hour (so apparently serviced my car in an hour?) when I picked it up, key was still missing, log book had not been filled out and icon on the dash (spanner) was still illuminated saying service hadn’t been completed. The next week when I had a day off I rang ahead and he said come down in half an hour (to fill out servicing log book, pick up key and take the spanner icon off the dash) we were there for over an hour while he tried to remember what he had done and then bluntly said I can’t remeber what else and then couldn’t figure out how to get the icon off the dash until my husband googled it and showed him how to do it! I believe my service wasn’t actually completed and they can’t prove they did. Instead of an apology he told us to leave several times! If you take your car here you will sincerely regret it! I give this place minus 100 stars and will be chasing this is with consumer affairs!

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