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MTP Marble Granite | Marble | Granite | Stone | Supplier Sydney

MTP Marble & Granite, suppliers of quality marble, Granite, Travertine, quartz, slate, and sandstone for bathroom, kitchens, both residential and commercial located in in Leichhardt, Sydney.

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Nat Finocchiaro
Michael Di Gianni is a compulsive liar. The worst person we have ever had to deal with.He delayed our kitchen so much when we did get it,it was honed which we didnt ask for and they made a mistake with the hole for the sink. Because we had to move in we accepted it,but the kitchen now looks terrible after 6 months and thwy did not silicone between sink and granite so water has got in and damaged my kitchen. They also made a mistake with my sandstone and i am still trying to get a part refund of $2000 from him. Save yourself a headache and dont deal with this company we have had just the worst experience ever with them.
Abdul Sheikh
Great help from the Croatian bloke Greg. Came out to measure two vanities and a laundry and was installed when expected. Little bit pricey but worth the money. The wife is happy
Trevor Chaitow
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I, along with many others it seems have had a terrible experience with Michael and MTP. After taking a 50% deposit when I asked him to do the work, he asked for the rest of the payment before installation (he asked the day it was due to be installed) or he said he would not install. Normally I would have told him to get lost, but we needed to move into our house. Not only did he ask for payment before installing, he asked for $2500 extra, and said, if I don't pay in the next 15 minutes, he wouldn't install. Then he didn't seal my marble, so it couldn't be used. My brand new kitchen sat unusable for 3 months! He ignored my calls/texts/emails asking for it to be done after promising it would be done in a week. PLEASE, save yourself the heartache and do NOT use MTP. Worst experience ever!! I wish I could give a negative star review!
tango biz1
michael was very helpful . he knows his stuff and our kitchen looks SOOOOOO good. thanks Michael your welcome to use photos of our kitchen for any future clients. im so happy with it!!!
Kelly Goodin
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Michael is a liar and will take your money but not do the job. Let our experience with a seemingly straightforward business-to-business transaction be a warning: The owner, Michael, is a compulsive liar and the worst person to deal with. He will ask for upfront payment and then drag the job out for as long as he possibly can. When you question him you will either get no returned calls or a very rude answer, mostly the former. We had to visit his site almost every day to check on (non-existent) progress for 4 weeks as he will not answer the phone and when he does he lies to you. But he does have the most awe-inspiring range of excuses for not doing what he has been paid for. After 6 weeks of being lied to, we ended up having to pick up the majority of the job and give it to another company just to get it done. The 1/4 of the job he did do ( which was 6 weeks late) was filthy and covered in hard, caked cutting debris and unable to be used even though we contracted him and paid extra for the product to be washed! So we had to pay someone to wash everything he “produced” by hand using an acid wash so the product was finally usable. When we called and told him they were dirty he said he was going to send one of his guys over to help, and even lied to us saying he was in a taxi and on his way over but of course the guy never turned up. To re-iterate: Michael is a compulsive liar and cannot be trusted. He will take your money then ignore you. Whatever you do, do not let any money come near this company before the job is done to your satisfaction, but the best advice is: DON'T use this company, you will regret it. This was the worst experience of 20 years in the business. We lost a lot of money on this job just because we had to pay others to finish what was supposed to be his job. I hope these reviews prevent other people from being ripped off.

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