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Josef Muller
If you after brilliant service, competitive pricing and speedy solutions to your plumbing needs, look no further. Plumbing NT Pty Ltd delivers in all these aspects. Pat, the boss and owner, leads a great team.
Louise Green
I have contacted these folks, on 3/5/17 for a sewer block. Tradie turned up and ran the Hydro Jetter in the pipe for about 15 minutes and informed me that block is about 30 M from back of the property claimed that it can not be cleared by Jetting, requested to use the pipe camera, which has a additional cost of 170$. I have given the consent to proceed. He then informed me again that 30M point was the blockage. I asked him what needs to be done next and was informed me that they need to dig the ground and said they will provide two quotes one quote that I will dig the ground and they will provide the work and second quote that they will dig the ground and provide work, I was told that they need half day's labor with digging equipment to dig the ground. So the tradie went away and 3 days later I get a invoice from them for 687$ and in the email asking if I wanted a quote for the work, this is after I have already told them to provide a quote . Meanwhile for three days plus household would have gone without sanitation and toilet access. You rely on plumber to clear blockage in your house, he comes and leaves less than hour without a result, promising to get back to you in a day with quote to do the work, then you do not hear for them for three days and they get back to you not with a quote, but asking if you wanted a quote when you already told them you wanted a quote. 687$ they already charged me, they charged me labor for 2.5 hours, where the tradie was on site less than a hour, my CCTV camera in the house had confirmed this. When I contacted the front office of the plumber they are claiming the these plumbers were electronically logged on when he goes to a job and logs off when job is finished, we believe other wise tradie leaving less than hour from our premises. Also I was told by front office labor cost starts when the plumber leaves the office, for example if traidie takes 45 minutes to get to site and spend 15 minutes doing work then customer has to pay for hour of labor, never heard of this before. They charge to use of pipe camera separate 170$ and use of Jetter another 170, separate to labor charges, plus labor charges when the person leave for the site, not when person arrives on site and started doing work. Initial quote for the job was hour of labor and cost of Jetter only additional cost should have been use of pipe camera After the tradie had left, I decided to take matters in to my own hand, decided to dig the ground to locate the pipe, took me less than 2 hours to locate the pipes and cut the pipe to find that here is no blockage as claimed, I had borrowed electric eel and manually fed the eel with out the machine to both direction of the cut pipe to find absolutely no blockage, blackage was in the main outside of my property, power and water was rung, and within 30 minutes they were on site full credit to them and they used a camera through cut pipe in my property to confirm that blockage was in the main and hydro jetter the blockage and all clear in 15 minutes. power and water was using almost identical Hydro jet to clear the blockage, but tradie's hydro jet did not go further than 30M in the pipe where there was not a drop of blockage. Plumber located the site wrong, given the wrong information to the customer, could not diagnose the issue correctly and could not provide a result for the customer. 2.5 hours labor absolutely not, no way, less than one hour of work we believe . Meant to get back to me the following day with two quotes and this did not happen for three days

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