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Argentum Australis
Friendly and helpful guys, did a professional job engraving the hanging nameplate for my Mum's cremation urn. Even put new holding rings on it for me free of charge as the ones already on it weren't good. They also replaced my watch battery, all done in 45 minutes.
Took a vintage silver bangle with an ornate rose on top.. to be made a smaller size ..and asked for it to be cleaned...paid $32.50 up front..when picked it up..rhe rose was gone with clumsy welding underneath...and he had audacity to tell me when I challenged him about the rose that it was exactly like that...he is a crook and this business needs to be boycotted at all costs....i feel so saddened that I took my beloved heirloom to this toxic man...a blatant deceitful liar..the thing is..if he had just been clean and said it had broke I would have been forgiving..but this man is an example of greedy business practice..and have heard since this experience that he tried to tell someone he didnt have their watch but luckily for them they had gone in with a sure there will be many more examples of this shady business...he was so slick in his lies that I am certainly not the first
Baz Meyers
If I could give 0 stars I would, my fiance took our wedding rings in to be engraved, paid $50 up front and thought we would get a lovely result. When she returned it looked like a 4 year old had done it! Almost eligible. So upsetting! We now need to get the engraving buffed out at our jewellers. I am speaking with the owner tomorrow to demand a refund. Update: After some persuasion the engraving has been buffed out and a refund was given. Hand engraving is an art and a skill that seems to not be available at this store.
Guy Shirreff
Nice phone manner

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