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Beachside Holiday Apartments

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Beachside Holiday Apartments | Port Macquarie

Beachside Holiday Apartments, the best accommodation for your holiday in Port Macquarie, Australia. Spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments opposite Flynns Beach

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John Hunt said 3 years ago
Bayside beach apartments Worst customer service ever! I have traveled to many parts of the world and never experience such an unprofessional and extremely rude customer service. My family and I were allocated the bottom floor room number 9 which was so damp and smelt strong of mold that my wife and child continuously suffered asthma attacks and had trouble sleeping. We stayed there Christmas time 2 years ago and my parents had this room and we complained then about the smell. The room has moisture absorbent containers in each room and the lounge room, which were all full of water. The carpet is damp, no not damp, WET and it stinks of mould! After the stay with my mother putting up with the moisture she complained about the room and requested not to be put in this room again. Fast forward to Christmas last year and we stayed in the complex but said we didn’t want room 9. Yes you guessed it we were the unlucky family that had this room. Disappointing that we said we didn’t want this room and we were also spending $10000 again on accommodation at beachside holiday apartments. As soon as we stepped into the room, it felt like the room had been flooded with the carpet extremely wet as well as the walls and lounges. We asked to changed but were told it was fully booked and had to stay in the room for 5 nights until a room become available. As above all moisture containers were full an they supplied a dehumidifier and air cleaner, they also said they normally only have people stay in the room for 1-2 nights only!!! Obviously this room has poor hygiene and needs to be sorted asap! It should not be for human occupancy! I’m no engineer but doesn’t help the side wall is a retaining wall with approx 1mtr high soil along the whole length of the apartment. Next the manager, he was extremely rude our whole stay, he would walk past the pool and frown on us as if we shouldn’t be in his pool! No we didn’t have any glass inside the pool, kept to the rules, never had any parties etc etc we had booked 5 rooms and my whole family all have young kids and know how to be respectable. My brother leant back in the timber sun lounge and ACCIDENTALLY broke it but my parents still got charged $480 and had to pay. What happened with insurance…. And we did just pay $10000. Oh nearly forgot he invoiced us a extra $600, I mentioned it prior to checkout and again on checkout, he said the banks like to hold onto the money for a few days and it shouldn't be too long. LIE! My parents finally received $78 of the money owed 2mths after checkout after several emails back and forth with no apology. Positive note is the location is good but for me that is all it has going for it, I will never stay there again and wouldn’t recommend anyone in staying there unless you want chronic health problems.
Jee Fave said 3 years ago
If the smell of the carpet, the humidity of the room, the lack of privacy and the noise from the pool have not stopped you, there is a nice view.
Rebecca Ford said 3 years ago
Great spot and location unit has everything u need few things need fixing or replacing. As they did not work but stay was ok
Ahmad Kamal Sharifuddin said 3 years ago
Fantastic view, fantastic location
Erik Sam said 4 years ago
If you can secure a great price, it's well worth it. Great location, rooftop bbq area has an awesome view.

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