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The University of Newcastle, Australia

The University of Newcastle Australia (UON) is a world-class university. Excellence in teaching, research and the student experience is the focus at UON.

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Mark Cochran
I loved attending UoN Callaghan Campus. There was always something to do. The different areas provide you with activities ranging from cultural, sport and social; all of which helped you meet new people. The teaching staff were mostly friendly and all building were easy to locate. There is a large number of food outlets that cater to all as well as the famous Bar on the Hill. The only issue at this campus is parking. You pay SASS fees and parking permits, yet you can not get parking. This really needs to improve if they want to continue their growth.
Seema Mehta
Undergraduate study at the University of Newcastle (UON) opens up a world of opportunities with world-class researchers and teachers.
Fade Away and Radiate
Look elsewhere at other universities for most programs! Uni and vice chancellor only interested in running the University like a business and cutting subjects (Ancient History, Philosophy etc) because they don't deem 'worthwhile' and will lead to a career, make money and are planning to downgrade more programs. One of my friends in the Student Union went to the conference on this matter and was told by the Uni that, "they don't really care what the students think" and that shocked all of them upon hearing it. All the vice chancellor finds important is making the uni look 'cool' (check out article in the Telegraph(?)) and making new developments in the city to appeal to foreign students as they pay large sums up front to fund these developments. The changes to more 'career based' courses is reflective of this too, appealing to foreign students who mostly do business, medicine etc. I wish she would focus on improving student wellbeing and experience other than aesthetics. Also as long as you are making them money, they don't really care about you. I have requested support for setting up my degree and lodged an appeal for unfair grading for something that wasn't my fault and haven't heard back from either four months later. They also don't answer a lot of enquiries either unless you ring them. All in all the student services team couldn't run a chook raffle. The lecturers I had were very good, supportive and knowledgeable but are up against it with the new format of Uni and funding cuts. For that, I feel really sorry for them. UoN is straying far away from what Universities were originally created and the beliefs they were founded on- a place to gain more knowledge and expand your mind through study. Not a place for vocational training, it's really sad but after several years here, I am glad to be transferring from a place that is fuelled by greed and 'peacocking' to somewhere that cares about its students, staff and courses.
Mohammed Hamza Baig
Amazing university. Excellent teachers. Friendly atmosphere. Most stuff is available on campus. Peaceful and resourceful library. A really good university!
Laura B
I'm studying a masters by course work (WHS) and by correspondence. Most of the courses seem fine, some though need a bit more refinement. The internet seems a reasonable way of facilitating courses, but sometimes it could be improved through an online lecture or improved availability of tutors. Mostly flexible but with deadlines (not all with weekly assessments). They can be flexible with deadlines when justified. Works for me and mostly enjoyable. Worthwhile course. HOWEVER, some of the courses (not all) require the reading of textbooks, while others have extensive course notes. Hardcopy textbooks have been provided in the past, but they are cutting costs (2018) and no longer sending them out. Access can be provided online, but I am just having to pay an additional $130 for a text book in hard copy as it is not provided either as an e-book or hardcopy. Costs add up! What next?

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