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Southcare provides quality aged care, home care and community services that support you to live independently in your own home and community.

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David Koutsoukis
Southcare has very helpful and knowledgeable staff who take great care in meeting specific customer needs. They offer many services for elderly people who want to stay in their own homes I didn't even know about. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to support their elderly parents with help in-and-around the house so they stay in their own homes as long as possible.
Steve Kelly
Supposedly a not for profit organisation providing a service to aged in the community? Where is the service or respect to the local community it supposedly serves with their development plans? A completely out of scale obnoxious development that goes against everything they consulted with the community on! Don't be fooled this is just another corporate enterprise looking to maximise their $$ profits $$ ahead of community interests. They say one thing and do another. Shame on you Southcare, you are a wolf in sheep's clothing! Response to Nicky comment: I have met with you Nicky and you do nothing to address concerns of residents. You keep saying that line about "there is a need for aged and dependent persons accommodation" but we are actually very well catered for in this area in the aged accommodation space. Also, when we do meet you just continue to lie about the facts so what is the point of meeting if you can't be honest? I suppose one thing that continues to shine through in all of this is that the only interest you have is in promoting your self. If you want a meeting to discuss further give me a call and I'd be more than happy to meet, on the condition you are at least a bit honest.
Robert Sims
Taken directly from the Southcare website from the About Us > Our Purpose heading. Titled 'Vision, Mission and Values' > one of their values being Integrity "Do what you know is right and just even when no one is looking" Well on this occasion it's lucky someone was looking because what Southcare is proposing for the Bickley Crescent, Manning site is not right or just. Under the smokescreen of rezoning for what surrounding residents thought would be an in keeping , small aged care village type complex Southcare have proposed the total opposite. Whilst I'm sure Southcare provide excellent services for their clients it hasn't been the same for the residents surrounding their proposed development. The proposed Bickley Crescent complex isn't in keeping with the surrounding area, privacy concerns of surrounding residents haven't been taken into consideration and traffic implications have not been looked into sufficiently. I hope Southcare can see sense and head back towards its values as stated on their website and consider not only their clientele but also the surrounding community they are a part of.
Daniel Cousins
Southcare provide a valuable service yet I find their sense of 'being a part of the community' very distorted. They will happily destroy one part of the community to benifit their own plans. I thought fitting in would include integration and preservation of local neighborhoods, not trying to destroy the local community to create their own.
Stephanie Sims
Southcare have proposed a multi level development that is completely out of character to a beautiful residential area and have shown no care to the impact it will have on the residents. Just look at the plans and there is the proof they don’t care and haven’t considered any of the residents on Bickley Crescent or Pether Rd. There has been no thought of privacy in the design or Traffic management for such large scale units I acknowledge the good work Southcare does in the community and the services they provide but this design is for the wrong area and it needs to be drastically downsized to meld into the surrounding areas.

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