355 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Apartment Building, Furnished Apartment Building

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The Rex Apartments

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josh nomad said 4 years ago
The building manager who is also the real estate agent ,is dodgy as hell. He knows there is an illegal brothel in his building and takes money on it. He tries to ripped off the residents with the electricity meters Worth the day you move out, he will try to make you pay for everything claiming that you re-paint the whole unit, destroyed the carpet etc.. Take photos of everything before the final inspection and go to court if you don't agree with something. Make sure you ask the tribunal to block your bondust after you moved out.
Mark Feferman said 4 years ago
For people working in the CBD, the location can't be beat. However, it is one of the most filthy places I have ever stayed. I've killed more roaches in my apartment in the last two weeks than I ever have in my house in Houston, Texas. Never mind the roaches, the bathroom is disgusting . The mold (mould in Australia) was all over the bathroom and shower floor...until I nuked it with tons of bleach. I think the thing that is most disturbing is the fact that the management company I rented from (m-power) charges $150 up front for cleaning and they clearly just pocket the money and only surface clean the apartment. Next time I come to Aussie Land for work, I'll look elsewhere to stay...especially at $4000/month.
Maan AL-Khounaizi said 7 years ago
Its very good place, clean wise. I live on the 1st floor, i have a balcony it looks like an ashtray, because of people from top floor. Talked to the building manger and complained about it, didn't take any control of the action. furthermore, I asked for a parking spot for my Motorbike, was not friendly, he was calming that he was busy. there was a false fire alarm, and it didn't call the fire station, and again the manger didn't answer.
Sriram Pajjuri said 5 years ago
Ash Angus said 5 years ago

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