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Singer Sia reveals she is "on the spectrum"

www.cbsnews.com - 7 minutes ago
The singer opened up about being what she called "neuroatypical" and being in recovery from substance abuse during a recent podcast appearance.
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An alleged Russian spy whale is in Sweden — and danger. Here's why his tale matters

www.npr.org - 12 minutes ago
Hvaldimir unexpectedly headed south after several years in Norway, fueling concerns and efforts to bring him to safety. Experts say his story shines a light on how humans treat animals in general. (Image credit: Rich German)
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S.C. Store Owner Charged In Fatal Shooting Of 14-Year-Old Falsely Accused Of Stealing

www.huffpost.com - 16 minutes ago
Rick Chow is accused of chasing and shooting Cyrus Carmack-Belton in the back. The teen was falsely accused of stealing water bottles from Chow's store.
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She had a dream job. Now, she's part of a massive brain drain hammering Russia

www.npr.org - 20 minutes ago
Hundreds of thousands of people under age 35 are estimated to have fled Russia since the invasion. It's one of a handful of major challenges Russia's economy faces this year. (Image credit: Alexandra Prokopenko)
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Brian Kilmeade Harshly Scolds Trump For Insulting Kayleigh McEnany

www.huffpost.com - 22 minutes ago
The "Fox & Friends" host had strong words for the former president after Trump dissed his press secretary.
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Giant great white shark captured by daring diver with fish-eye view: video

nypost.com - 36 minutes ago
An underwater tour guide filmed the moment a great white came within feet of his person during a sharking expedition.
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