148 N Creek Rd, Ballina NSW 2478, Australia

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Monday 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Tuesday 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM
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Bupa Aged Care Ballina

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Nellie Wightman
Well looked after . Staff are helpful and pleasant. But as in most Aged Care Homes understaffed. I have been here three years and see gradual improvement . In rooms upstairs windows upstairs can only be opened approximately four inches. With the door closed we have very little fresh air. Have been told we can have a security screen put on window if we or family pay $580 .OO for that . Take it or leave it when we go . Otherwise would recommend any Bupa Facility . Nell Wightman
Sarah T
Think twice before sending your loved one here! Unfortunately the medical care that has been afforded to the residents is very substandard. The majority of registered staff have little to no experience in nursing or the medical field. They have junior nurses with not even one years experience under their belt working as the nurse in charge for the entire building and wouldn't know what to do in emergency situation if you waved the number for 000 right in front of them. Dont let age fool you. The staff may look in their 50's but they're barely out of nursing school. You have assistant nurses giving medications that they have no idea about- expect to get phone calls that your relative has had missed medication for the second day in a row or they've been overdosed or they've had a cream administered into their eye because staff thought it was an eye drop... And sure, everyone makes mistakes. But mistakes happen all too often at this facility and why risk it when you have a life on the line. Your mum or dad has fallen on the floor? That'll go unnoticed. This facility is regularly understaffed. The staff that show up to work are running flat on their feet all day and night and this results in lack of care and cutting corners to the point where residents aren't cleaned and fed properly. Some residents are just left in bed. Other residents aren't helped to the toilet on time despite asking for staff assistance. Instead they are robbed of dignity and the care they deserve. Don't have high expectations from management either. If the general manager who runs the place has no background in nursing do you really think your relatives are going to receive adequate care? I don't think the manager knows the definition of the word. They do their best to cut costs on all avenues. Sure, every nursing home does but this one takes it to the next level. Does your parent need a daily wound dressing? Just pull up a chair, sit back and watch for that daily dressing to be changed to every 5 days instead; listen to the "care" manager explain to you that daily dressings aren't required anymore but know that the real reason is only to save costs and time. Don't be surprised when it leads to infection and loss of a leg or arm...less limbs gives the facility more money with their ACFI so they'd be happy about that. There are some true horror stories about this place. Don't be misled by false smiles the office fellow gives you when showing you around the place. Just pull some of the staff aside when no one's around and ask them what really goes on - you'll find someone who tells you all, just like I did. I wish I could unhear some of the stories and I'm truly sorry to the many families that have had disgraceful things happen to their loved ones at this place. To those of you who got out while they can I say THANK GOD. I believe this facility is under constant investigation and receive regular pop ins from higher up to attempt to fix the many messes. There can only be so many cover ups before this place is caught and shut down. Always be vigilent and proactive in your or your loved ones medical care. Look and seriously consider your other options before looking twice at Bupa Ballina. 27/07/17 - In response to response from the owner: If you take your feedback seriously, why don't you use the feedback you've already gotten from staff, residents and family members of the facility and do something about fixing the mess bupa ballina is in. Clearly you do NOT prioritise the safety, health and wellbeing of your residents from whats been going on there. You only prioritise profit. I don't need further contact with your clinical team because I have no respect for them. Thank you.

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