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ally bamford said 3 years ago
the food was great but a friend and i encountered what was rather a quite intimidating experience. last night my friend and i walked in to get our tea and one of the workers looked us up and down a exclaimed “EW” with an impolite look before turning to a co-worker and began talking and laughing about us. we believe there was no need for this behaviour. ironically some of our friends turned up and we quickly ran outside to get them. we left our food there to come back and within 10 seconds the rude worker threw our food out that was still almost full. then whilst my friends and i were sitting there the worker that had said ew when we walked in began sending me some rude messages during his work time which i believe is quite an issue as focus to the surroundings begin to lack. i hope you take this into consideration as my friend and i are very disgusted.
David Male said 2 years ago
Not much different to normal KFC but always keeping the same standards
Alexia Coupland said 3 years ago
Recently renovated Chicken great, chips soggy. Drive thru only allows 2 carsfrom road before ordering; so libe up is huge.
Callie McKechnie said 3 years ago
They were slammed when we were there on a weekend night. The wait was very long with only one teenage girl taking orders. She did her best though and I was impressed. Not impressed with the worker wearing a managers tag working the drive through window. Her side wasn't busy at all but she spent her time staring at the floor with her arms crossed ignoring the chaos right next to her. Too important to help I guess.
Katrina Archer said 3 years ago
Ordering inside takes sooo long,not Staff's fault,less Staff so have to do more.Drivethru can be quicker.

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