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Kathmandu is your online outdoor and camping store, shop online now and choose from our wide range of Outdoor Supplies, Clothing & Equipment for Camping, Hiking & much more at Kathmandu.

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Rebecca Verbeek
AVOID KATHMANDU DARWIN!!! Is exactly what I will be doing after the service I received this afternoon. I purchased a jacket from your store on Friday. Perfect service, couldn’t fault it. Over the weekend, I found an even better jacket on your website which was more what I was after. Once I carefully read your refund policy, I decided to buy online and return the other jacket back to the store the next day, as under consumer law I am entitled to this. That’s where everything went down hill. After rushing to the store once I finished work today, I was greeted by the same girl who sold me the jacket. She said she needed to get her store manager to process the refund. He then came out sipping a drink and a little disgruntled with me as I had obviously disrupted him on his break. I said that I had picked a better jacket on their website and wanted to return this one as they didn’t have that particular jacket I wanted in stock. He told me he couldn’t do anything as he didn’t “feel comfortable with that” I’m not sure what it was about my 5ft stature that made him feel uncomfortable but maybe you should work on some training around that. I said to him that what he was saying made no sense and my consumer law rights entitle me to a refund. He then said that the store manager would need to issue the refund as he doesn’t have that kind of access. Wait a minute?? He isn’t the store manager. I was being lied to. I won’t bore you with every detail here but it seems a little odd to me that the person you had left in charge of the store while the “store manager” went on a camping trip without reception doesn’t have the capability to issue a refund, yet has the keys to your store safe and money handling. After much back and forth, I’ve had to leave the store. Without a refund and another jacket coming in the post. I’ll be taking this further and making a formal complaint. Your team needs to get their act together.
Wow, thank you! I rang this morning to inquire if their sale was on and the phone rang out - not even an answering service. Now I've read this - I'll buy on-line or not at all.
Love Kathmandu always got good sales and generally the staff are knowledgeable, are they open yet?
Frida Lundgren
They have everything you need, but overly expensive. Staff members are snobby and rude.
Sandra Lees
Very expensive. We must have to pay for the trendy name.

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