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Bursons Auto Parts (Formally UltraCheapAuto)

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Marie Smith
Warm & friendly staff very affordable
Woofer CB
Just greatest very helpful cheap good quality thank you till next time cheers cb.
Stainless Fishing
I had a bit of a wobble in the front end or my 4wd. I asked for a bit of advice and the old guy behind the counter said he would take my car for a quick drive to check it out. I jumped in the passenger side and off we went around the block. I was telling him I had a few things done recently and also that I had a few suspension bushes that need to be replaced and some bearings etc. Which I had already bought the parts to do. When he asked me where I got the parts I said online. (from supercheap auto [superpro bushes]) This is where things turned really really sour. He slammed on my brakes and veered off the road nearly into a fence in anger and started abusing me. He said "Well why the F$#k am I bothering with you" He started revving the guts out of my car to do a 3 point u turn telling me that I can get F'd etc. Buying the parts online instead of from their shop. Driving erratically and nearly caused an accident flying through the intersection. I was telling him to settle down and there's no need to try to destroy my car etc. I said that I thought it would make the job easier If I already had the parts for them. To this he said "Oh yeah great.. F ing buy the parts online instead of from us so we don't get any money" and a whole heap of other stuff. He barely parked my car on the other side of the road from their business. Stormed out across the road and left my driver door open. I called him an old tool an an idiot etc. and told him I would write a review about my experience so regrettfully, here I am. The other staff and even the mechanics I have dealt with there have all been nice and helpful people. I have actually bought parts from there before and they were well priced and quickly sourced. See what happens if you go in there and say to the old bloke you bought some parts online and you need them fitted. It's ashame I have to write this. But I don't like being abused much. I also don't like to have my car abused by anyone either. It really shocked me. Maybe he has some sort of mental disorder or something I don't know about. Anyways that's the last time I'm going there.
Anthony Toomey
No longer open, bought out by bursons.
Dillin Cooper
Used to be a lot better before different staff took over Allan is still super nice and is always super friendly and ready to chat.

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