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Spencer Race Engines in Geelong Vic 3220, Australia

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Alpha Mox said 4 years ago
I never had the courage to open up about this but my experience with SRE was dissapointing to say the least. I approached this firm middle of last year to build me a stroker engine as my research at the time lead me to believe that SRE were the best in the business. Must I say that as soon as I put provided the necessary funds for the build, I was riddled with issues stemming from delays with the build itself, the incompetence & rudeness of particular members of staff, the tuning side of things which SRE had entrusted at the time and the worse of them all, the engine itself. My rebuilt motor which I entrusted this firm to build was going through a litre of oil per 3000km. I was told by SRE that this was completely normal. I acknowledge that all engines burn some oil but after discussing such issues in forums and other lead experts all have stated that this is clearly NOT normal even with a stroker build. I approached SRE on a number of occassions about my concerns, leaving the car with them at one stage and they continued to persist that this was normal?? We got to understand that we are all human and mistakes can happen and this was something that I took into account- I believe I gave SRE ample opportunity to address my concerns but we got nowhere at the end. I even requested for the build sheet on numerous occassions and still waiting for it at time of this review. It came to the point that I had to dispose the car, ending my dreams of owning an iconic piece of what makes up Australia - the V8. I can see that there are many fans of SRE and in no doubt that the man of the business is kind and soft spoken in his approach. I was just dissapointed that when I had issues with my motor and reassured (prior to the build) that I will have warranty that this was not honored and was provided with excuses and the like and this is not fair.
Bora Bright said 5 years ago
Chris and team could not provide better service. Extremely happy
Simon Wilmann said 5 years ago
Super helpful.and great prices
spencer race engines said 5 years ago
engines for street /performance
Darren Dalton said 6 years ago

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