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I Work At The Hospital That Saved My Trans Son’s Life. Now, We Are Facing Death Threats.

www.huffpost.com - 31 minutes ago
"I opened the email and felt nauseated."
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These 'news anchors' are created by AI and they're spreading misinformation

www.cnn.com - 46 minutes ago
Venezuelan social media has seen a surge in AI generated "people" spreading misinformation about the country's economy. Even the country's president has shared them online. Here's how to spot them and why they are so dangerous.
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This is one of the worst times to buy a car in decades. Here's why

www.cnn.com - 51 minutes ago
It has almost never been as hard to buy a new or used car in the United States as it is today, despite improving supply issues and inflation beginning to steady.
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The biggest ways TikTok changed American culture

www.cnn.com - 1 hour ago
While the future of TikTok in the US hangs in the balance of ongoing congressional hearings, even a complete erasure of the wildly popular video sharing app wouldn't remove its deep and abiding mark on our culture.
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Stocks finished the quarter surprisingly strong. What's next?

www.cnn.com - 1 hour ago
After a stormy 2022, US stocks gained during the first quarter of 2023 in a surprise show of resilience despite a banking crisis, cryptocurrency meltdowns and uncertainty about what's ahead for the economy.
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My company is laying off workers — how do I know if I’m safe?

nypost.com - 1 hour ago
Gregory Giangrande gives advice to one worker worried about impending layoffs and another moonlighting as an Uber driver on company time.
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