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Mackay City Kia provides great deals across the range of new Kia vehicles - Kia dealer Mackay, QLD. Book a test drive online today.

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Scott Burrage said 4 years ago
My wife and I went in to test drive a Carnival at the start of the year. We had gone to 2 dealers in Brisbane over Christmas and looked at the car and had just about decided to buy. It should have been an easy sale for MKY and that’s when they dropped the ball. After 30mins we finally got a salesman and got to go for a test drive. Now we were sold on the car, just had to decide on the model. We were told to pick the model and they will work out the best deal and let us know availability. We went away to think about it. During the week we got a phone call from the salesman to inform us of the great sale they had coming up that weekend and we should come in. We got an email about the sale too but due to work we couldn’t make it in. I replied to the email and to the salesman saying we couldn’t make it in and asked what price and availability for the top model ($64000). I got no response. Saturday morning I phoned the salesman to follow up as I didn’t want to miss out on the sale and we were ready to buy. I finally got onto the salesman who was quite rude. I was told he couldn’t look at it until Monday as he was too busy with their big sale. I said I was planning to get a deal during the sale but I had to wait till Monday. His attitude and rudeness made me start to think twice about my decision. In the following week I had both dealers in Brisbane phone to touch base and see if they could be of help but I was waiting to support the local dealer. 9 months later I still have never had a response to my enquiry to purchase a $64000 car. We purchased a car with a T on it. Much easier process.
nomar romero said 4 years ago
Sellers and finance team are awesome
Sharon Dower said 5 years ago
very disgusted went there today, was there for a good 1/2 hr or more not one sales person came to me. wanted more info in the kia carnival, or a good size people mover. I was opening doors, boots even sat in one but nope no one insight. looks like I will be looking else where. It's any wonder people do not shop locally disgraceful ! !!! Not even worth 1 star
Brad Clayton said 6 years ago
What a seamless, pleasant experience. Every promise made was kept, the finance was so easy to arrange and way more competitive than my bank could offer - will definitely send all my friends to Mackay City Auto Group in the future.
Ian Porter said 6 years ago
Dealing with the sales team Mark and Nathan was great, very friendly, knowledgable and nothing was too much, however i would rather stick needles in my eyes than ever deal with their finance team ever again, worst experience ever! It appears Tammy was too busy to do her job

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