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Gateway Motor Group, your Ford, Holden, HSV, Kia, Mitsubishi & Renault Dealer in Wollongong

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Kris Wojewodka said 4 years ago
Gateway Motor group what a joke. They have had my Renualt traffic for a month and still no answer on the problem. I get is the same thing" we don't know anything yet" Obviously I don't need my work van for work Useless Muppets. If you ever needed a justification for genocide come and meet with the clowns from Gateway Renault Wollongong Best to buy your car from Sydney
Abdul Burhan said 3 years ago
Good service. But the prices sometimes inflated
Andrzej Maciej Lewicki said 4 years ago
I admire efforts of present team of Service Department ( fourth since August last year) to please their customers with trying very hard and still delivering extremely mixed results. Good luck within revolving doors.
Matthew Overington said 4 years ago
Unbelievably poor service. Today marks what I genuinely hope is a record -- for the sake of any other poor person that's had the misfortune of dealing with Gateway. As of today, Gateway Motor Group has had my Citroen for six months for a repair. Yep. Half a year. It's not an old or rare model, but the mechanics have not been able to fix what is a very minor problem. I don't know whether to laugh, cry or scream. They don't return calls. I've been lied to repeatedly and I still don't have a vehicle. These jokers don't deserve your business.
Glenn Jones said 3 years ago
Fantastic staff

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