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Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre, Brand Highway, Greenough, Western Australia

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Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre 20kms South of Geraldton What a great day out Gateway to Central Greenough Historic Settlement centralgreenough@bigpond.com Location Corner Brand Hwy & McCartney Road Greenough, Western Australia Opening Hours Open Daily 10am to 4pm Public Holidays 10am to 4pm Tel/Fax 08 9926 1084 e-mail centralgreenough@bigpond.com www.centralgreenough.com also known as the Historic Hamlet a must stop destination on the Brand Hwy just 20 kms south of Geraldton , plenty to do and see, wildflowers, wildlife, beautiful beaches, National Trust conserved historic site, good home cooked food, licenced, great range of local produce, crafts, gifts and souvenirs, accommodation, All welcome Tour facilities buses/coaches, caravans plenty of parking and most of all good customer service and a friendly atmosphere

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Selene Tech Solutions said 4 years ago
Great coffee
Nathan Locke said 5 years ago
Cool little spot
Vicki Taylor said 4 years ago
Megan Godfrey said 4 years ago
Alisha O'Brien said 4 years ago

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