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Dave Holt said 4 years ago
These guys had great service from start to finish. Nick the building supervisor was fantastic who kept us informed the whole time and our bathroom was finished with no delays. There trades were very polite and professional, I even had some private works done from the tiler. Great work! I would highly recommend
Pacific Pines Residents Group said 4 years ago
One of the shoddiest companies I have every had the misfortune to come across. I lodged an insurance claim with RACQ they took forever to come out to do up the quote for the insurer. Once the quote had been accepted, for some reason they had to come back and measure up again. Took forever to make the cabinetry and then this was then farmed off to a subcontractor. I work full time and told them continually work had to be done early mornings, despite this the office girl disregarded this and made inconvenient times for people to come out. Once the work was finally completed their contractor put the oven in crooked. I contacted RACQ to get this sorted and they contacted Bay Building and come back to me saying Bay Building denied putting the oven back in!
Anthony Walker said 5 years ago
Rude! Unprofessional! Short cuts! Damage! Deny! Deny! Deny!..That pretty much sums this crowd up. I had an insurance job done on my bathroom due to water damage which required the bathroom to be striped back, re water proofed and re done. My insurance company gave them a cheque for 14k and the bathroom looks like they spent 2k and pocketed the rest. It started with a hiss and a roar tradies turned up and got stuck in there. At first I was impressed. Bryan the supervisor told me to go pick some tiles out for the bathroom and when I did he told me that they were to expensive and to pick some cheaper ones up to about $35 per square meter well that pretty much excluded most of the tiles in the shop except two. I paid out of my own pocket a new vanity, shower, taps for them to install as the bathroom would look horrible with new tiles and fresh paint only to have my old appliances installed. Then I get a phone call from one of the tradies rudely telling me that he is not willing to install the taps I brought. He said I would require him changing a flange which is extra work. He said "If I knew you were going to buy these taps I would have told you no way am I going to put them in, All I'm required to do is put the old ones back on and nothing more" He then proceeded to tell me "If you want these taps put on you'll have to pay me extra" I was absolutely blown away I heard stories about rogue tradies who didn't give a s*@t but had never had one in my house before. About a week later I then received another rude phone call with the same tradie dictating to me what shower screen he wants to install even after I offered to pay extra for a semi frameless. Then the painter arrived and used a cheap no frills flat paint to paint the entire bathroom as well as my hallway. I called the supervisor to express my concern and he said "oh that's normal" Then more tradies came to lift up my water damaged vinyl flooring and they cracked one of my tiles in the process. I called the supervisor to advise him and he just denied everything and tried to blame me or my flatmate. Then the shower screen guy came and smashed the shower screen door whilst trying to hang it by himself. Shards of glass went everywhere and damaged the walls and shower rail. And then (Yes its not over yet) the vinyl flooring is not even glued down like the old one was so now whenever I vacuum the flooring lifts up off the ground and I have to keep kicking it away every time I lift the vacuum head. Theres more but my fingers are cramping from typing. To some it up I'm changing insurance companies because they choose Bay Building and that's what I'll be telling them when I ring them to cancel.

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