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Michelle O'Hara said 4 years ago
The NRG groups are all excellent! The focus on creating strong relationships forms the glue to great referrals being passed and followed up upon. Definitely one of the best in Brisbane and the Coast
Rachael Saunders said 4 years ago
Joining NRG is not only being a part of a Business Networking Group, but being apart of a larger family of business people who want to help you grow and fine tune your business to a level of success that you would have never dreamed of when you 1st started. This is a team of fun loving people who get work done. Lead by motivated leaders who stive to grow this group into something that has never been done. Every meeting is important, you never want to miss out on the 30 minute business education talk, hearing about members achievements for the week or to hear what joke will be thrown around the room. Looking at you PH and NB. It would be your loss if you receive an invite and not attend. 10/10 would recommend.
Martin Rusis said 4 years ago
A friendly treasure trove of great business minds and great business people. A place for the "ready" and the "set", the GO! is still up to you but they've got your back on that too.
Paul Harnett said 4 years ago
A professional and forward thinking business networking group. I would highly recommend a visit.
Jennie Gorman said 4 years ago
What can I say? From my experience in networking I have found that Networkers Referral Groups (NRG) has hit the mark for successful collaborations, networking and business growth. I highly recommend others to consider NRG if they are looking to attend a weekly strategic networking group.

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