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Epicure Kitchen Cafe

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vicki webster said 4 years ago
Stipulate your exact order at least 5 times. Ordered 2 serves poached eggs on sour dough, received 2 poached eggs. Reordered again and got toast with two eggs on a bed of grass. No butter, dry and tasteless. My daughter was told to say please next time and she wouldn’t have to wait so long. Absolute rude, obnoxious service. Wouldn’t go again if you paid me.
Megan Hazlett said 4 years ago
Very disappointing experience here. The staff are clearly under too much pressure and the owner/manager needs to get with the program and provide real cutlery. Plastic cutlery is environmentally irresponsible.
Jacki Schiavone said 4 years ago
I bought a sandwich . Chicken and Avo. $9.95. I added cheese to it. They charged $2.40 extra . OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS ! That is OUTRAGEOUS! And you actually burnt it, it had NO TASTE and hardly any filling . I won’t purchase from you again . STOP CHARGING OUTRAGEOUS PRICES FOR SANDWICHES !!!
Craig Jackman said 4 years ago
Rubbish! The customer service was terrible!! Considering the cafe and it’s staff are in the business of selling food and beverage, one would think the very least a person could is greet customers with a “good morning.” Several times staff were asked to serve a flat white in a ‘have here’ porcelain cup: yet we got lukewarm milk in a ‘takeaway’ cup :( And this cafe is a Grinders affiliated coffee cafe. The staff were just preoccupied and the whole experience before flying, just disgusting.
Nicolas Luitingh said 4 years ago
There is a short fat woman with black hair and an English accent who was grunting and snorting under her breath when I placed my order for "chips" rather then "chips and aioli" then commenting to her colleague what an idiot I was while she had her back turned to me thinking I was not watching her. I recommend you visit this store as this woman was quite comical and entertaining with her mis-understood place in hospitality. If the owner reads this post, get rid of this woman. I will improve your poor rating.

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