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Professionals Wagga Wagga

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Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga

Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga are your real estate professionals, committed to providing outstanding service for all clients looking to buy, sell or rent in the residential or commercial real estate markets of Wagga Wagga and the Riverina.

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Martina Berry said 3 years ago
If you are looking for a professionals agent that delivers on service promises look no further than this office. Paul and his team are true professionals and really take the stress out of real estate.
Rachal Willis said 3 years ago
Love my job at Professionals! New Business Manager & Property Management
Danielle Simpson said 3 years ago
Professionals leased me an unlivable property days before Christmas 2016. Their on-call plumber was holidaying so my friends friend set up my plumbing. He said the real estate would have known & ignored the issue professionals ignored my complaint that their on call plumber Aherns was away & passed my phone call around his party. Professionals still use Aherns who have a bad reputation anyway i was warned that professionals don't do repairs or maintenance Mandy Smith, co-owner of Southwest S & S, is a senior property manager at Professionals RE who uses a vehicle that advertises her business Southwest Stockfeeds. Mandy uses the same vehicle to conduct business out of on behalf of Professionals Real Estate. The condition report that I received from her did not reflect the unlivable property at all. I had no kitchen plumbing, dirty walls, no window mesh, no insulation. Professionals, specifically Mandy, ignored all of my verbal & written complaints. Seems the author of the condition report never went inside the property or they removed parts of the report in hopes that a new tenant would be made responsible for damages should a new tenant not return their copy of the condition report. The condition report looked recently edited - issues were obviously erased. Maybe following Mary's bullying when she first me. Mandy arrived at the property that I rented of her to do an inspection. Mandy was unrecognizable, blaring loud music in her southwest s&s car. Mandy’s dangerous driving scared me. Mandy knew I was a victim of dv. She discriminated against me for complaining that a tenant was disturbing the peace. I called police regarding the tenant & his mother who were breaking the law. I complained to Mandy. Mandy disclosed that the tenant & his mother are her friends and accused me of lying. The tenant's mother did not live at the same address. she knocked on my door. She threatened me. Mandy told her about my complaints. Mandy claims to have done everything she could as per legislation however that is not true. Mandy is a liar who ignored my 10 plus written complaints as well as my verbal complaints about their violence Mandy sent me personal e-mails in her many attempts to make me believe that I was lying about her friend/the other tenant. Mandy intentionally sent me an email with made up stories from the other tenants mother that alleged that I was in a relationship with the tenant that I complained about. Mandy used the other tenant and his mother - her friends - as intimidation leverage. I sent Mandy an e-mail asking her to not contact me again as Paul agreed with me & said someone else would manage my unit but Mandy nastily captioned one of my emails and then accidently sent it to me. Mandy intended to send my email to someone else. I do not know how many of my emails Mandy circulated and if Mandy circulated my emails only within her office &/or to people outside of her office. Perhaps Mandy circulated my e-mail to her friend that I complained about.Mandy knew that I called police about her friends but still Mandy described them to me as "harmless". I let Mandy know that if she contacts me again then I will apply for a Personal Protection Order to stop her abusing me. I terminated my tenancy. Mandy has since e-mailed me again constituting further assaults & harassment Mandy told me that she did not tell the owner about my complaints. The tenant that I complained about was hitting the inside of the unit he continues to lease. Mandy approached another tenant - the owner's granddaughter. Mandy told her she & the tenants mother were conspiring against me. Mandy victim blamed me too. All a breach of privacy & confidentiality. Mandy told the owners granddaughter that my complaints were vexatious. Since moving, Mandy's friend harassed me on the street so i called the police again. Mandy sent me an email attempting to gaslight me - claiming she has a lawyer who will sue me for this review. Mandy's didn't stand a chance to fool me with that. Mandy also used receptionists to bully me. that involved verbally slandering me too
Maree Botterll said 4 years ago
Liked it
Lizzie Daniher said 3 years ago

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