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Bellette: Creative communications experts.

Bellette is a creative agency with a focus on creative business solutions. Broadcasting a clear message on every platform. Our key areas in Design Studio, Edit Suite and Digital Marketing Arm, ensure high quality results and maximum exposure for your business.

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Yoseph JeNaye said 4 years ago
I went in to request a hdd replacement on an imac. They took 2 weeks to produce a quote for the drive and screen tape. The prices they came back with were 2 times higher than anywhere else I looked. The entire job would have cost me $700 in total. I declined their services and was then charged $100 for an "inspection" and the phone call made to their supplies. I had already known the issue prior to contacting their office, and did not request any sort of inspection be conducted. Also the imac was not opened and would not boot, so seems very doubtful that it was looked at.
Matt Skoss said 7 years ago
Very knowledgeable. Quick turn around. Charge the top rate, but you get what you pay for in this world, IMHO.

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