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Dentist Douglas, Dental Clinic South West Townsville - 1300SMILES Dentists

1300SMILES offers quality and affordable dental care at Douglas, Townsville clinic. To book your next dentist appointment, please call 1300 764 637

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Sharing Facts said 3 years ago
In my visit, I asked to check whether there was decay(s) at the two second last molar teeth positions on the upper and lower right jaws. She put a detal tool ending with a sharp hook into my mouth to check all tooth and badly scratched my bottom second last molar tooth with a long cut line remaining till today. Further, it was a horrible experience that having indicated myself as a thyroid patient, esp. on my patient record, I was told I must have and made to have 2 dental xrays taken. The female dentist, Dr L.B., kept telling me a lot of information using different dentistry terms that some parts of her talk I really could not understand. I left the clinic with a bill of $345 that I didn't expectto pay. I paid for comprehesive oral examination, 2 x-ray films of $70 each, removal of calculus and optical Fluorid. That evening, I found some dental plague along my teeth on the left bottom jaw when brushing. In the mid day the next day, I rang them to voice all concerns. The admin member told me they apologised and would arrange a dental appointment for me. But it has been a week after my visit and yet I have never heard from the dental clinic. It was my first unpleasant dissatisfatory dental treatment.

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